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Yoga therapy works

You & Yoga Therapy

Do you want to live your life more fully? Feeling stressed, unfocused, disconnected, or can't sleep? Not doing the things you used to enjoy? Or maybe you're worried about a family member. Perhaps you've tried traditional methods. But now you want an alternative therapy.

You’ve come to the right place. Embodied Youth yoga therapy offers you personalized & practical tools to feel like yourself again. Maybe even better than you imagined you could.

A 2016 study published by Yoga Journal showed that people who do yoga have a more positive self-image than those who don’t. With guidance from your certified yoga therapist, Michelle Fury, you get all the benefits of yoga, plus treatment targeted to specific problems. To learn more about how yoga can help you, read our blog.

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Yoga therapy designed just for you

Embodied Youth yoga therapy helps kids & families struggling with:

  • trauma

  • anxiety (general & social anxiety)

  • depression

  • body image issues

  • focus

  • sensory integration

  • family conflict


At Embodied Youth, we help you & your family manage mental health and behavioral issues. Our approach is unique in that it gives you practical tools and workable steps. You will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and lots of other tools that put you back in charge of your life and relationships. You can do this! We're here to help. 

What makes Embodied Youth yoga therapy different? 

Embodied Youth specializes in yoga therapy for emotional wellness. Our yoga tools are evidence-informed, meaning we combine evidence-based treatments with yoga techniques. 

What's the difference between yoga therapy and a yoga class? At Embodied Youth, we customize the yoga practices to your child's and your needs. Not all yoga and mindfulness techniques are right for everyone. If you struggle with anxiety &/or hyperactivity, you first learn active poses to release that extra energy. If you're feeling low & depressed, gentle poses help build your stamina. We're different because we tailor yoga & mindfulness techniques to your specific needs.